Successful entrepreneurs

To become a successful entrepreneur, you must be audacious, know how to surround yourself with the right people, and ensure flawless organization… The secret to success is patience, good organization, and the acceptance of failure.


A franchise is a marketing method based on collaboration.


E-commerce is the transaction of goods and services between a seller and a buyer.


A start-up is a young company that has significant growth potential.

What is the use of a business plan?

A business plan must prove the economic and financial feasibility of your project. The objective of this support is to solicit financing.

Business ideas that work!

Are you looking for an innovative business idea? Franchising represents a pool of innovative ideas that develop in a given territory.

Supplies and stationery

Manage your food truck

Beauty and wellness lounges

Health and nutrition, a trendy sector

Starting a business from A to Z

When you create a business, you must choose its legal status. The creation varies if you intend to set it up alone or to be helped by partners.

Legal announcements published

The legal announcement is published in a newspaper located in the department of the head office.

Domiciliation of the company

The domiciliation of the company consists of its legal, administrative and fiscal address.

Legal and fiscal status

When creating a sole proprietorship, you must select its legal status.

Need sales training?

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Step-by-step business management

Business management consists of applying a commercial strategy set by the entrepreneur. This management refers to the deployment of the company’s resources.

Estimates and invoices

To write an invoice or a quote, you can use invoicing software.

Cash flow

Cash flow refers to the movement of money in the company’s account.


The keeping of all financial transactions of a company (receipts, invoices…).

Take advantage of the web to develop your business!

Thanks to the Internet, you have several ways to earn money. The web allows you to work at your own pace. Among these examples of e-business, you can create a blog, a podcast, your coaching service…

SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO is essential to digital marketing. It improves the visibility of a site on the Internet.

Social media management

Social media management is based on an editorial calendar, quality articles…

Social media management

International Business

Many companies want to increase their sales through exports. To succeed in developing your business abroad, you can use web marketing.

Logistics and transport

Logistics manages storage and transportation.

International standards

The standard describes the specifications of a product.